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More than the first and best Online Recording Studio
Welcome to Diamond Roses Records - The Online Music Production Company, Composition, Sound Branding, Online Recording Studio, Studio Musicians, Mixing Mastering, Music PR, Music Marketing, Music Promotion and Music Distribution
Work with the original! Founded in 2009, the online music production company Diamond Roses Records is the first online music service provider. We accompany our clients in the 7 steps to success - from the first musical idea to a globally marketed end product. Choose the services that suit your needs best:
  1. Composition, Lyrics, Sound Branding,
  2. Precise Interpretation by Studio Musicians,
  3. Recording in our Online Recording Studio,
  4. World Best Mixing & Mastering,
  5. Interesting Content (for example: Music Clips),
  6. Global Music Promotion (incl. TV & Radio),
  7. Global Music Distribution.
Prospect's Special: Online Mixing and Mastering for FREE. Online Recording Studio and Online Music Production Company.

Sophisticated Sound and Music for Broadcasting!
Diamond Roses Records - Best Online Recording Studio - Mixing Mastering - Audio Samples - Alexander Levico & More
Diamond Roses Records focuses on YOUR project, only! Our work is not done until your music sounds optimal, translates well on any system and meets international broadcast standards! Therefore, we avoid overcompression and make use of the accepted dynamic range. Moreover, we know how "loud" material for Radio, TV or Film is allowed to be! Increase your volume and listen to our professional results (9 MB):
  1. POP (Part of Your Life | Alexander Levico)
  2. ELECTRO (Thinking | Laura James)
  3. CLASSIC (Very Close | Czech Symphony)
  4. LATIN (Razon | Pipero)
  5. ROCK (Experience | Alexander Levico)

Johanna Rock
"Diamond Roses Records for successful careers."
Bernd O.
"Very, very, very good experience."
Frank Vidal
"Excellent Recording Studio."
Brenda K.
"DRR is an amazing mixing studio."
Maik Dahl
"The quality is awesome! Very involved."
W. Weigel
"Thanks for the great work. It was fun."
Alexander Levico
"Indeed the best Online Recording Studio!"
"Great post production for our film. Sounds wow."
Ben Cdu
"No idea what you did to my song. But I love it!"

High Quality Sound Branding and Compositions
Diamond Roses Records - Hollywood Composer, Compositions, Sound Branding, Film Music, Film Scores, Soundtracks, Jingles, Commercial Music, Radio Commercials, Anthems, Lyrics, Texts, Musical Arrangements
Music touches people, creates a recognition value and allows for economic success. We compose and produce for Hollywood, companies, clubs, bands, artists, film and TV. From Sound Branding to commercial music, radio commercials and film music to jingles, soundtracks and anthems: our tailored compositions make your project shine! The sky's the limit!
Upload Your Material for Compositions, Sound Branding, Commercial Music, Radio Commercials, Film Music, Jingles, Soundtracks or Anthems Upload your Projects, Files or Info to Diamond Roses Records (if applicable)
Composition and/ or Text: from $ 299/ Minute
(Dependent on field of application and territory)
Provision: Download | No Shipping.
More info and offer: Support@Diamond-Roses.com

Pay for Compositions, Sound Branding, Commercial Music, Radio Commercials, Film Music, Soundtracks, Film Scores, Jingles or Antehms now!

Professional Studio Musicians record your Projects!
Diamond Roses Records - Best Online Recording Studio, Online Studio Musicians, Talking Heads, Who Records my Song, Jingles, Singles, Anthems, Radio Commercials, Film Music, Commercial Music, Soundtracks, Sound Branding
You want Studio Musicians to record a soundrack, jingle, radio commercial, commercial music, film music, anthem or particular instruments of your song? In line with your composition or divinely vamped? We are the first and most experienced Online Recording Studio! We record your project in our Online Recording Studio with our studio musicians and deliver the results online.
Upload your files and concept for our Online Recording Studio and for our Studio Musicians. We record songs, commercial music, radio commercials, sound branding music, film music, soundtracks, jingles and anthems. Upload Your Files to Diamond Roses Records (if applicable)
Sound Engineer: $ 45/ Hour
Fee per Studio Musician: from $ 200/ Song
No Studio Rent! | Provision: Download.
More info and offer: Support@Diamond-Roses.com

Pay for Online Recording Studio Session and Studio Musicians

Mixing & Mastering for global Broadcast Purposes!
Diamond Roses Records - Best Online Mixing Mastering, Broadcast Sound, Radio Sound, Optimal Sound for Radio, Natural Sound, Balanced Sound
You need professional sound for the global usage on radio, tv and in films? We refine your music in line with international broadcast standards. Our all-inclusive top offer: online MIXING & MASTERING in our acoustically treated studio for together $ 249,00/ Song - no hidden fees and without any track restrictions. Example: 34 Track Rock Song = $ 249 (audio samples above).
Upload Your Material Upload Your Files for Online Mixing & Mastering
Online Mixing & Mastering per Song: $ 249
Please submit synchronised wav-tracks.
Provision: Download | No Shipping.
More info and offer: Support@Diamond-Roses.com

Pay for Online Mixing & Mastering now!

Content Creation & Public Relations!
Diamond Roses Records - Press Sampling, Media Sampling, Music Promotion, Music PR, My Music on Radio, My Music in Movies, My Music in Films, My Music on the Air
Good music alone is not the basis of success! We help to create your band identity, band design and unique band sound! Then we develope your consistent PR strategy, design great press releases, create interesting stories and produce creative content (text, graphic, radio reports, videos, interviews etc.). Are you in need of pictures, music videos, cover graphics, ad banners for gigs or flyers? Don't hesitate and contact us with your wishes in regard to Content Creation!
Upload your Music PR Project now! Upload your Projects, Files or Info to Diamond Roses Records (if applicable)
From $ 500 - dependent on the particular Project!
Consistent Content is the Basis of Success!
Provision: Digital | No Shipping.
More info and offer: Support@Diamond-Roses.com

Pay for Music PR now!

6. MUSIC PR - Your Music on the Air
We sample your Music to up to 15000 Editors!
You are ready: the band image is great, the content is interesting and your music can be released? Now it is time to ensure that your music shines out! We present you to the media! Dependent on your strategy, we send your material worldwide to up to 15000 music editors from print, radio and TV. In up to 10 languages! Journalists and editors can access your complete material and, for example, directly make use of your music in their latest programmes.
Upload Your Files to Diamond Roses Records (if applicable)
Media Sampling & Music PR: From $ 799
Price dependent on Territory, Number of Addressees
Provision: Digital | No Shipping.
More info: Support@Diamond-Roses.com

Your Music on the popular Download Portals!
Diamond Roses Records - International Music Distribution
Diamond Roses Records enables musicians to globally distribute original music on online portals like amazon. If we like your music, we will distribute it under our label "Diamond Roses Records" - incl. ISRC (International Standard Recording Code), EAN (Bar Code) and labelcode: LC 20603. Labelcodes and music distribution are seen as general preconditions for the usage of music by media (radio, TV, movies etc.). Contact us to get to know more about our music distribution.
Upload Files for Global Music Distribution now! Upload Your Files to Diamond Roses Records (if applicable)
Basic fee per release: $ 30/ Release
+ fee per title: $ 15/ Title
Provision: Digital | No Shipping.
More info: Support@Diamond-Roses.com

Pay for global Music Distribution now!

Diamond Roses Records: Book our exclusive Acts!
Diamond Roses Records - Artists Agency, Studio Musicians, Bands, Musicians, Events
We are not just a well-based music production but also an artist agency. In the field of artist maagement we focus on a small but well-selected portfolio of projects. We offer bands for any occasion: from LIVE Disco Music to Pop-Rock, to Latin Classics to German Party Hits.

As an artist agency we offer full packages: you book our artists and we manage hotel bookings, the journey and - by request - the provision of equipment. In case you are not familiar with the registration of public events with the collecting societies: we'd love to assist you!

From $ 1800. Our bands play with different-sized
lineups. Hence we will also find a solution for you!
More info and offer: Support@Diamond-Roses.com

Diamond Roses Records - Now & Then
Diamond Roses Records - History, Online Music Production Company, Online Recording Studio, Mixing Mastering, Music Promotion, Music Distribution
Diamond Roses Records (DRR) was founded in 2009 by the producer Benjamin A. Ohlbrock. The Online Music Production is based near Münster/ Germany.

Diamond Roses Records established the first Online Recording Studio in the world. Clients can order compositions, Sound Branding, commercial music, radio commercials, film music, soundtracks, jingles, anthems, online sessions with studio musicians and online mixing & mastering. Moreover, DRR is a PR agency and allows customers to globally market their music - inclusive global music distribution. Since its founding, the record company is the virtual 'place to be' for companies, composers, musicians, Hollywood, Grammy® - winners and renowned orchesters.

Diamond Roses Records offers every kind of relevant music service around the globe in professional quality. DRR relies on high quality production methods, real musicians and analogous instruments. Its tailored services are especially interesting for everyone that needs professional results - like media professionals.

More than the first and best Online Recording Studio
Diamond Roses Records - Contact
Diamond Roses Records. You can reach us via e-mail or phone and we will find a solution for your project - for we are more than the best Online Recording Studio.

Due to the fact that our phones are muted during recording sessions we recommend to contact us via e-mail or directly via the whatsapp live chat on the right side of this page (green symbol). We will get back to you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to hear from you and we try to be there for you 24/7!

Diamond Roses Records
Wienkamp 10 - 48308 Senden/ Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 2597 977 96 07
Contact: Support@Diamond-Roses.com



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The globally operating online music production company Diamond Roses Records belongs to the pioneers in professional Online Music Services. Diamond Roses Records offers compositions, sound branding, jingles, commercial music, radio commercials, film music, soundtracks, anthems, online recording services in the best online recording studio, studio musicians, online mixing, online mastering, mixing, mastering, press sampling, music PR, music promotion, international music distribution, communication services and more. The record company accompanies its customers from the very first musical idea to an internationally marketed end product - and beyond.